Portfolio > "All at Once" Series [Ballad of Our Changing World]

My photographs portray the discoveries possible during the daily household unruliness that the COVID-19 SIP created for my family, and for so many dual working-parent households. Each day I felt a range of emotions, all at once, and needed to find a way to embrace the chaos of both small and large kid messes, mutually indoors and out, as my kids found ways to ‘help themselves’. Both their dad and I navigated zoom meetings, phone calls, memo writing, assignment grading, ‘child-care,’ and homeschooling, all at once in our home, and the kids made their own food, played with the neighbor’s dogs, found frogs, and created swimming pools (when we were able to confiscate the tablets and tv of course). As the daily swirl of school and sports dissolved all in one day, I can now see, reflecting with the daily images captured with my camera, that prior to this time, we had been too busy and too on the go outside of our home. The way that I found comfort in our new situation was by reconnecting to the days of my youth, full of freedom and discovery in nature in a much slower world, just around the house.