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Doing collaborative, community-based art projects has a been a goal of mine in the past few years. These are a few of the projects that I have worked on in collaboration with my classes.

"Identity Squared: First Impressions of Documentary Photographer"
Documentary Photography Course - Foothill College
In our Documentary Photography Course at Foothill College, instructor Keith Lee and I collaborated with our class on a project that examined personal appearance in relation to subject's first impressions. We each dressed in the attire we would go out to meet potential subjects and displayed our photographic equipment for a portrait photograph. We then asked anonymous individuals what their first impressions of each of us were and if they would trust us to take their photograph. After receiving the responses we displayed them in the background of each image.

"Alter Ego Project"
New Media & Social Change Course @ West Valley College
For this project the students and I each came dressed as we normally do and then we came dressed as our alter egos. Some students dressed as their perceived cultural stereotype and others came as they look when they show the other side of their personality.