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"Evelyn: Nothing Fancy" Detail Photograph from Installation
"Evelyn: Nothing Fancy" Detail Photograph from Installation

‘Evelyn: Nothing Fancy’ Series (pink scale)

For over a decade I photographed the life of a mid-western woman and her plush apartment on the shores of Lake Erie.
When I visited Evelyn she gave me homemade zucchini nut bread and we listened to classical music broadcast from Windsor, Ontario. I asked Evelyn what influenced her fashionable affection for unique clothing made of such prints as leopard-pattern and blue camouflage, often mail ordered from Harrods in London. For each handmade dress she commissioned a woman in Florida to make a pair of unique clip-on shell earrings.
Evelyn had an active emotional connection to her home and was determined to retain her independence and individuality. Each object in Evelyn’s home transformed her apartment into a dollhouse of human proportion, providing a haven for her personal happiness.
Evelyn shared with me that when she started as a Secretary in an accounting firm, nearly 50 years ago, that she didn't want to be dressed like the other girls. Evelyn appeared on her own red carpet, each day at the office, for that I am grateful.