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Installation View, "One Story" series, Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Installation View, "One Story" series, Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI

EXAMPLE of Past Wall Installation:

Lesley Louden
“One Story” Series
Archival Inkjet Prints
Mounted on Gator Foam, UV Laminate
Variable sizes 22”x22” – 30”x40” – 30”x60”
Artist Statement

Is merely the idea of experiencing nature enough? Wide-open spaces are promised by the SUV but are rarely sought. As a way to explore nature and the idea of what nature represents in our minds “One Story” was created in which two characters are photographed living inside of their SUV. Their collection of blue and green manufactured household and car items are arranged in the setting, subconsciously referencing nature and the outdoors. This, paired with the idea that automobiles are our second home protecting us from the elements that we are supposedly seeking, provides a mental space for the audience. Common domestic acts such as sweeping are juxtaposed with the dramas of the human condition: love, humor, life, and death. The influence of gesture from Baroque painting and sculpture assists in the creation of psychologically charged and contemplative dramas. Inside of the four walls of their vehicle or their one story dwelling we wonder if they are fully comfortable venturing beyond its solace and protection. The collage and salon style conglomeration of these photographs relays the overall relationship of the images and meaning of the piece. The significance and formulation of the nonlinear tale relies on the viewer’s concoction of their lone story, walking away with an introspective contemplation based on feeling and emotion rather than reason. A search for a balance between the concepts of the domestic and the wilderness, control and comfort vs. adventure reveal unexplored territory.